Drone Roofing

Using drones for measuring and monitoring roofs!


Drone Roofing

Drones are unmanned mini vehicles that can fly at heights and are operated with a remote control. Affordable and easy to use drones have seen applications in many entertainment and commercial businesses. Many individuals buy drones for personal use to take pictures using the attached camera.

To fly a drone for work, individuals must get a pilot license from the FAA. All drones are required to be registered and must follow the local aviation rules. Drone operators are responsible for any damage caused by the drone hitting and are subject to local law enforcement.

Drone Roofing DJI

Operating drones requires skill and knowledge of the product. Extra battery charger, smart phone, tablet, and other related gadgets may be needed. The drone is able to capture the area information at a height and trasnmit the data to the smart device.

Drone operator is able to navigate the drone with the remote and is able to see the drone's camera view through the smartphone screen. Typical drones can change the direction and can fly around 500 yards from the operator. Staying away from five miles airports, avoid hitting other aircrafts, and flyng in the line-of-sight of the operator are some of the mandatory guidelines.

According to the new drone law, drones are allowed to be used in commercial applications such as roofing. Drone Roofing has thus become popular and really useful for roofing companies. Emerging as an interesting and efficient way of monitoring, Drone Roofing is now used by many roofers and aerial systems.


Measuring roofs is a major purpose of Drone Roofing. The number of squares can be calculated and the roofers are able to order material and labor. Aerial measurements prove to be accurate, take less time, and less costly when compared to manual measurements.


Drones capture high-resolution roof pictures with the cameras attached. The eagle view helps the roofers to understand the structure and ongoing work. Photos can be accessed through the smart devices and some drones even upload to cloud so remote users can retrieve them.


Monitoring roofs is another major use of Drone Roofing. Hard to reach areas can easily be monitored with drones. Night time monitoring and real time monitoring is possible with Drone Roofing. Videos can be captured and sent with drones that provide complete roof information and work status updates.


Roofing is a major home project that is required by many new and existing buildings. Building protection and maintaining the energy efficieny are the key objectives of roofing. Many roofing companies deploy innovative products and methods to accomplish the roofing projects. Drone Roofing is the latest adaptation of technology in the roofing industry which is appreciated by all roofing companies.

Easy to use

Drones are easy to set up and use by individuals as well as the aerial measuring companies.

DJI Phantom 4 Advanced - Aerial Imagine Made Easy.


Drones are affordable and efficient for roof measurement and monitoring.

Real time info

Roofing companies are able to get real time updates about the work.

DJI Shareasale

Night-time monitoring

Monitoring a roof's energy efficiency during nights is also possible using drones.


Drone Roofing Storms and Fires

During storms and fires, drones are useful to monitor the roof condition without risking any lives. After natural disasters such as hurricanes, drones can easily provide three dimensional pictures of the roof where manual measurement is impossible.

Drone Roofing Historical buildings

Drones are useful to know the condition of historical structures without further damaging the roof and can provide details such as pitch, rakes, flashings, valleys, drip edges, eaves, and facets. For insurance proof purposes, the drone images and videos are helpful.

Drone Roofing limited visibility

Drones are useful to install solar other alternative roofing solutions. The ratio of traditional versus alternative roofs can be determined by the drone roof measurements. To install energy efficient roofs, Drone Roofing is a good option to propose accurate systems.



Olde Town Roofing

Olde Town Roofing is the leading contractor in the MidWest using Drone Roofing. They leverage the drone technology on top of manual measurement and monitoring to provide efficient roofing systems. Owned by Sean Vogler, Olde Town Roofing has served thousands of residential and commercial customers.

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Here is an example of how Olde Town Roofing deploys Drone Roofing to monitor historic buildings.

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